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Design procedure of product packaging box

Release time:2022-04-15 10:49:41

Pattern design is the key medium of information in packaging design, which can be divided into product logo, product brand image pattern design and product representative pattern design, the product logo in the packaging box design is the real identity of the product in the market sale, and it is also the material of the marketing scheme. The product represents the pattern design is the actual brand image which occurs on the product, the packing box design not only can choose the printing pattern design, but also may choose the fully transparent or the hollowed open window ventilation design method on the packing box, and the products and the goods that are in it. Packaging is sometimes without patterns, but it can not be without words. Words are an indispensable factor in transmitting packaging design schemes. Many good packaging design schemes pay great attention to text design schemes, or even transform completely with words, to solve the decoration interface, the key to the content of the packaging text has the following many layers: the status text contains well-known brands, product names, this text means the brand image of the product, generally assigned to the key display surface of the box design, is the key to the design scheme, must be carefully planned, font style and easy to read articles unique. The advertising planning text is the advertising words on the packaging box design or the product promotion text, is the marketing slogan which propagates the planning product characteristic, the content is generally short, the general design scheme is also in the packaging key exhibition surface.