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The characteristic analysis of series printed matter and the method of technolog

Release time:2022-04-15 10:57:45

The so-called series of printed matter refers to the same product inside and outside the package of different specifications or sets of products using different printing materials, but, graphic layout or color the same or similar. As a result of the difference of material characteristic or printing plate size, the adaptability of printing process is also quite different. Such as the outer packaging of corrugated boxes, color boxes surface printing materials, such as White Board paper, Kraft Card or carton paper, and carton packaging materials, such as White Board paper, kraft card, white card, glass card, copperplate card, PE coated paper, etc. , plastic film, Cellophane Paper, tissue paper, Glossy Paper, copying paper, offset paper, vacuum aluminized paper, laser paper, etc. . In view of the characteristics of the material and the safety and sanitary quality of the product packaging, the printing technology of the large thickness of the corrugated board and the surface smoothness, as well as the printing technology of PE coated paper, plastic film paper, Cellophane Paper, paper towel and vacuum aluminized paper, suitable for flexographic printing with water-based ink, can better ensure the quality of products. For pre-printed color box top paper, color box printed white board paper, kraft card, vacuum aluminized paper, laser paper and other materials, a large number of gravure or flexographic process can be used, so that printing quality and production costs can be better considered. For the amount of about 100,000 printed white board paper, kraft card, white card, glass card, coated card products, as well as glossy paper, copy paper, offset paper, vacuum aluminized paper, laser paper can be used offset printing process is more appropriate. Among Them, oiled paper, copy paper quantitative low, not suitable for high-speed automatic paper feeding, can be used for low-speed 01 offset printing machine, in order to better ensure the product overprinter quality.