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What determines the price of a box

Release time:2022-04-15 15:14:34

So the question comes, the price of box customization is divided into several categories? Click on the wrap to tell you. First of all, from the classification of paper packaging: First, corrugated box type of packaging box, this type of packaging box price is relatively low, finished box generally three to five pieces, color box type price will be a little higher, material is also a variety of different thickness. Second, cardboard boxes. Third, high-end Boutique packaging box. This type of box is a high-end gift box, the main materials commonly used are: Gray Board, Density Board, tissue paper is generally coated paper, leather, cardboard, inner support material is Pearl Cotton, Eva, foam, etc. , because the material modeling structure is complex, therefore, the price of customized packaging box because of material, size, quantity, box type, inner support different high or low. Under normal circumstances, packaging plant will not be the first time directly quoted, need to understand the basic situation, need to determine the material, need value output. Then according to the customer’s budget to their own approval to recommend the appropriate program, and then facilitate the transaction.