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What are the key points that must be paid special attention to when designing a

Release time:2022-04-15 15:15:59

1. Size, we should check the size of each box before we design it. In determining the size of the box, you need to look at the box in the packaging and printing materials commonly used, that is, the thickness of the box paper. Most are corrugated and not corrugated, there are corrugated, general use e corrugated, not corrugated general printing paper is very thick. Therefore, before the design, we need to make sure the thickness of the printed paper, and then to scale the size, do not need to design a good size, because the printed paper, the final object can not be loaded. 2. The box, which is also printed matter, is designed and typeset in vector software. 3, if the appearance of the box is relatively unique, then you must draw the knife line, and to all the knife line group together, because the color printing factory is according to your knife line to make mold. 4. When we design packaging, after the knife lines are drawn, we usually print out 1:1, simply fold a box, see if the LID, the ear inside these middle size structure is effective. 5, the box is also printed matter, therefore, we use the photos, graphics are if CMYK color mode. 6. The box typically produces the following.

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