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The importance of tea packaging gift box design

Release time:2022-04-15 10:39:27
  1. When making a tea box, consider whether it can convey the message accurately: high-quality tea boxes are based on shape design, color, pattern design, material collocation, vI tonal collocation is an effective cause of consumer attention to the product and hobby prerequisite, but also need to ensure that consumers can be based on the display of the box to understand the product. Because the meaning that everybody chooses to buy is not to pack a box, just the product inside pack a box. Accurate delivery of product information content also requires that the level of packaging is consistent with the level of the product.

    2. Tea Gift box to master the visual impact, to attract the attention of consumers is important: tea packaging box customization, but also must have the effect of marketing. How to have a marketing effect, the key is to be able to cause consumer attention first, only cause consumer attention to the product is likely to be selected and purchased. We not only can produce, but we also have our own professional design team, which has a good control over the selection and use of the material type of the packaging box, not only reduce our costs, but also better promote our products.